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The Niche Alliance -- WELCOME!

Welcome to all our new subscribers and clients!

I can't believe how amazing our launch went yesterday if you missed it, The Niche Alliance is OFFICIAL!

After years of guiding friends, family, associates and businesses in an unofficial capacity to live and work authentically, I've embraced my mantra, To Thine Own Self Be True. I created a company that helps businesses and individuals focus on the things that set them apart and make them valuable in the market — It’s My Niche!

As a human capital consultancy and career coaching firm, we are dedicated to becoming the resource for HR needs and more. With a focus on effectively growing your organization, we partner with you to build your value by strengthening processes and performance; attracting and retaining high potential talent; and emphasizing a dedicated diverse culture.

- Human Capital

Strategically springboard profitability by focusing on who you are and what sets your business apart. Capitalize your Niche.

- Special Projects

Let us make the small things easy so the big things become possible. Harness your Niche.

- Career Coaching

Clearly identify – and professionally represent your true value. Discover your Niche.

We welcome the opportunity to connect and support you. As you check out our website, I challenge you to ask yourself if your business is authentic, engaging more intentionally and building partnerships to increase impact. If your answer isn't YES, Let's Chat, and we'll lead you to rediscover, What's Your Niche!

Kessa R. Thompson

Founder & CEO

The Niche Alliance

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