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The Niche Alliance

Most organizations forget that the integral pieces that make them authentic as individuals are the same that make them valuable in the market. The Niche Alliance will be your hands-on partner to rediscover who you are and what your business could be -- What's Your Niche? Unlike other companies that may view their work with you as transactional, we are all about the relationship and creating a long-term partnership that is deeply invested in, and connected to the success of your organization.

With a focus on effectively growing an organization, we partner with you to build your organization’s value by strengthening processes and performance; attracting and retaining high potential talent; and emphasizing a dedicated diverse culture. With over 20 years in both nonprofit and for profit arenas, our goal is to bridge systems and processes to strengthen your workplace culture and get results.
The Niche Alliance also offers a solid, expert approach to career coaching through a personalized, hands-on method. Whether you are at the novice stage or executive level, we help our clients to identify their short and long term goals, define those attributes that give them the competitive edge, find the opportunities that are in keeping with their overall objectives, and achieve success. We partner with you to identify and reach the goals that will not only help to find and change your career, but also to change your life.
The Niche Alliance

We welcome the opportunity to connect and support you.

The Niche Cognoscente

Kessa is a seasoned business leader and executive coach with a creative and insightful style. She has a strong passion for creating lasting relationships, navigating organizational needs, and career coaching. A firm believer in “to thine own self be true,” Kessa challenges clients to be authentic, engage more intentionally and build partnerships to increase impact.
Having worked in both for profit and nonprofit entities, Kessa’s experience includes senior level roles in Recruiting, Human Resources and Operations. Before founding The Niche Alliance, she was the Director of Operations for a nonprofit organization providing needed home and community-based support services to adults with disabilities. Kessa worked closely with the leadership team to recruit, coach and develop talent. She also ensured overall compliance with governmental procedures and policies relating to the industry.
"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."
~ Maya Angelou
Prior to her work with the nonprofit, Kessa was the National Director of Operations with the Phalen Leadership Academies and Summer Advantage. As an integral member of the senior leadership team, she specifically oversaw aspects of human resources, recruiting, training, legal, financial management, and information technology systems of the Organization. She also actively participated in the development and execution of numerous strategies to effectively grow the organization.

With a reputation as a “connector,” Kessa has a keen ability to forge strong and sustainable relationships. She is a visionary partner, who actively develops and implements strategies to support organizations with achieving their goal to become market leaders. Kessa looks to build an organization’s value by attracting and retaining high potential talent; strengthening processes and performance; and emphasizing a dedicated diverse culture.

Kessa’s “connector” reputation also extends to those looking for a comprehensive approach to their career. Whether you are at the novice stage or executive level, Kessa brings a level of professionalism and expertise to the table each and every time. Her expertise lends itself to assessing skills and ambitions to deliver a focused, actionable, real-world plan designed to fully realize her client’s career goals.

Kessa holds a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi University for Women in Microbiology. She also received her master’s degree from Trinity Washington University in Human Resource Management. She has four children and has an obsessive relationship with the fine arts and beach life.
The Niche Cognoscente


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Gina Lazzareschi
CEO - Therapeutic Value

The Niche Alliance helped our business create our employee handbook and provided guidance throughout the process of getting our business organized and prepared. They have been able to evolve with our brand and provide updated support in our expansion goals. Their attention to detail and kindness is what I think sets them apart.


Rudy Larose
CEO - Larose Legacy!

I'm incredibly grateful to have found the team at Niche Alliance! In starting my new business venture, I've needed to find clarity, some proven strategies to succeed, and a methodology that I could easily follow, while still having the flexibility to make necessary changes! Niche did that for me effortlessly! They didn't just solve a problem but they provided solutions for problems I didn't even know I had! The Niche Alliance has something incredibly special -- it's not just being there for me when needed

the most, it's the quality of care and professionalism they offer



CEO - Kr8tives United Co.

Working with The Niche Alliance and Kessa has not only changed the way I do business, it's elevated my expectations  of my team and my clients. They have helped me put together a system that works and it shows. Kessa is brilliant and her knowledge and skills are amazing. My business will have everything I need to deliver the best product results for my clients ...

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